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Island Hopping – A new form of travel that connects extremely unique islands

In the summer of 2010, Takamatsu City and seven islands of Seto Inland Sea served as the stage for the Setouchi Triennale, an event that drew some 930,000 visitors over a 105-day period. Three years following the excitement of the inaugural event, the second Setouchi Triennale kicked off on March 20, 2013. Five islands in the western part of the Seto Inland Sea took part in the event, which was held over the course of spring, summer, and fall to allow visitors to enjoy the seasonal changes of Seto.

Amid the beauty of Seto Inland Sea and its globally-rare archipelago, Foucault offers ways to enjoy “Land to Sea” sightseeing unlike anywhere else. There are art viewing cruises that tour the islands and allow passengers to view the art festival works in relaxed comfort, as well as cruises that passengers can personalize to create the experience they seek.

The large and small islands scattered across the Seto Inland Sea all have their own character and culture. Passengers will take a tour by catamaran and experience the wonder of these islands, which stand as a testament to the days of old.

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